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The Turtle Pose - How to Lose the Fat Photo Face Forever

Updated: Oct 4

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Hey there, fellow photo pals! Ever had the dreaded "fat face" moment in photos and wondered how to fix it? No worries, my shell-shocked friends, I've got a fun and quirky trick to show you how to lose the fat photo face forever and save your selfies and other fat faced photo ops – the Turtle Pose!

a wooden turtle made out of puzzle pieces

Why Stretch Your Neck like a Turtle?

You're not alone if you've ever pondered the mysteries of a chubby-looking face in photos. That's where the Turtle Pose comes to the rescue! Picture yourself like a cute turtle peeking out of its shell – stretch your head forward and down just a tad. Voilà! You'll create some space between your chin and neck, giving that double chin a sneak-out-the-back-door moment!

Turtle Pose 101: Do's and Don'ts

  • Easy Does It: No need to overstretch – we're not auditioning for a yoga class here. Gently slide your head forward, creating a small gap for a slimming effect.

  • Look Alive: Keep those peepers up! No staring at the ground like a shy turtle – look at that camera with confidence and sass!

  • Relaxed Vibes: No grumpy turtles allowed! Let your mouth chill out and smile naturally. Relax those lips, and maybe even let your tongue play hide-and-seek behind your teeth for a friendly vibe.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Get ready for your turtle transformation in front of a mirror. Practice makes perfect, and you'll soon be a turtle pose master! Snap some selfies or grab a friend to snap pics from different angles and expressions – turtle selfies are the best!

Slimming Your Snaps – The Turtle Way!

So there you have it, shell-shockingly simple tips to make your face look its best in photos. Embrace the Turtle Pose next time someone takes your pic, and watch that chubby face vanish like magic!

Sweet Monkey Pro Tip: Check this out! Now that you have your turtle post figured out, read our blog below titled, "How to Practice Your Best Smile - Sweet Monkey Style!" Couple your new found "thinner face" with a perfect smile and you are one step closer to photo perfection!

We hope this blog post entertained you and provided you with some valuable turtle posing tips! As Southwest Florida's ultimate photography service, we will deliver a fully insured professional photographer to your location for a fun-filled, fat-face-free photo shoot for people, kids, pets, parties and events. If you want to see some turtle pose pros in action, check out our website to book a session today.

Thanks for dropping by our blog post. We hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. And don't forget, a thinner looking face in photos is cool – so don't be afraid to practice in the mirror, and share this golden nugget with your friends.

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