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How to Avoid the Dreadful Banana Hands

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

a cartoon monkey holding a camera

Hey there, fellow photo enthusiasts! Let's talk about hands – those expressive and nimble little monkeys that can make or break your photos! If you've ever found yourself stuck in a banana frenzy, fear not, we've got the perfect recipe for finger success! Below, we are going to explore how to avoid the dreadful banana hands. Yuck! Gross! Nope!

Banishing the Bunch of Bananas Effect

So, here's the deal: when you squeeze your fingers together like they're doing the conga, you end up with the notorious "bunch of bananas" effect. Not the look we're going for, right? But worry not, we've got the peeling tricks to save the day!

Monkey-Approved Tips for Perfect Hands:

  1. Fingers Apart, Monkey-Style: The secret to smashing banana hands (not literally) is to keep your fingers slightly apart. It's like a cozy space for each digit to relax and enjoy the photo party. Not too wide, just enough to let them breathe!

  2. Bend It Like a Monkey: Want to spice things up? Bend your fingers slightly at the joints! This adds some delightful curves and angles that'll make your hands look like they're doing a graceful ballet. The banana bunch will have nothing on you!

  3. Get Handsy (in a Good Way!): Here's a wild idea – use your hands to interact with something or someone in the photo! Hold an object, touch your hair with flair, give a gentle touch, or go in for a heartwarming hug. Your hands will look purposeful and totally on point!

  4. The Monkey Chill: Last but not least, the golden rule – relax and have a barrel of laughs! No need to stress over perfect poses. Just enjoy the moment, be yourself, and let those natural smiles flow like a bunch of bananas down a waterfall!

arms and hands pointing upward

Strike a Pose, Peel Like a Pro

With these handy tips, you can wave goodbye to the bunch of bananas effect and say hello to hands that look stunning in photos! No more fruit salad fingers for you!

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Thanks for hanging out with us on this finger-tastic adventure. I hope you had as much fun reading this blog post as I had creating it!

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