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Convincing My Spouse We Need to Hire a Photographer

Updated: Oct 4

a cartoon monkey holding a camera and pointing straight ahead

Hey, party people! So, you love throwing epic birthday bashes and parties for your kids, complete with cake, balloons, and all the smiles. But what's the one thing missing from those unforgettable moments? The answer is simple – a monkey! Well, not a real monkey, but rather a Sweet Monkey professional photographer to capture the magic! But wait, you've got a husband who thinks his smartphone can do it all? He's sure he's the next Spielberg with his cellphone? Big mistake! Let me share some fun tips on how you can convince your spouse you need to hire a photographer.

a finger over the lens of a camera taken during a photo

Appeal to His Logic

You know how men love their facts and figures, right? Show him some photo-worthy statistics! Like, did you know that hiring a pro photographer costs less than 2% of the average household income? Plus, according to Shutterfly, parents are happier and more likely to print and display pro-taken photos. So, it's not just a snap, it's a wise investment!

Appeal to His Emotions

Time for some heart-to-heart talk! Tell him you want more than basic snaps – you want pictures that truly reflect your kids' personalities and milestones. It's not just about poses; it's about creating memories that make you laugh, cry, and go all nostalgic! And if that doesn't work - pull out the big guns. "Honey, you know our parents would love to see amazing pictures of their adorable grandchildren, right?" (You can thank me later)

Appeal to His Ego

Every man loves being a hero, right? Remind him that hiring a pro photographer will make him the star of the show! Your family and friends will swoon over the quality, and he'll be showered with praise for arranging this picture-perfect gift!

Appeal to His Sense of Humor

Ready to add some fun and giggles? Tell him this isn't just a photo session; it's a chance to dress up, act silly, and maybe even go on a photo adventure! Let's wear matching outfits, play with props, and strike those hilarious poses! A fun-filled memory-making extravaganza!

Conclusion: Snap, Smile, and Say Cheese!

Now that you've got the inside scoop on convincing your hubby to hire a professional photographer, go ahead and show him this blog post!

And I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to say, "If you're looking for a pro photographer in your area, just give me a shout – I'm here to help with all your photography needs. As Southwest Florida's ultimate photography service based out of Cape Coral, FL, we will deliver a professional photographer to your location for a fun-filled photo shoot for people, kids, pets, parties, and events. You can visit our website at to view our rates and to book your photo session today.

Keep those smiles shining and those cameras clicking! Thanks for joining the party and reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed monkeying around with these tips!

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