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Tropical Palm Leaf



5 Easy Steps


Once you’ve decided to hire a Sweet Monkey photographer, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact Us to Schedule Your Photo Session: Get in touch with us to schedule the date, time, and location of your photo session.

  2. Pay the Deposit and Sign the Contract: We’ll ask you to pay a deposit and sign our contract, which can be done digitally online.

  3. Shoot the Photo Session: This is where the magic happens! Your professional Sweet Monkey photographer will come to your location to capture your Florida experiences and turn them into lasting memories.

  4. Pay Your Final Invoice: We’ll send you a final invoice via email, which you can pay online.

  5. Receive Your Digital Images: Once we receive your final payment, we’ll send you a password-protected digital link to access your photographs.


Ready to get started? Click or tap the "Book Now" button below.
Got more questions than a curious monkey at a puzzle store? Just give that "Contact Sweet Monkey" button a little tap or clickaroo below. Share your photography dreams & desires, and one of our Sweet Monkey photographers will contact you. Let's make your photography wishes come true, one banana peel at a time! Contact us today!
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