Why We Are Who We Are

About Us

Instructional Designer??? Don't worry if that was confusing because most people have the same reaction. That was just corporate-world speak for saying Rich created visually stunning training materials for employees, executives, and leaders of global organizations and he was very good at his job. Rich complemented his skills, expertise, and passion for graphics, imagery, and "all things visual" by studying photography through Cornell University. 


Rich, "The Original Sweet Monkey!"


Sweet Monkey Logo Dude


Our Mission

To  come to your location to provide fun, affordable, professional photography services to capture your Florida adventures and transform them into memories that'll last a lifetime.


Outside of running a business, FAMILY is priority number one in Rich's life. He grew up in a tight-knit military family and he, his sister, and amazing mother traveled the globe in support of his father's 30-year military career in the United States Air Force. After losing his father - "The Colonel" - in 2009, Rich has called his mom every night to chit-chat and laugh about their day. Rich was also lucky enough to marry his best friend, Marsha, who he lovingly refers to as the "Irish Ninja" because she's tough as nails and funnier than he is. (Although, that's up for debate - the funnier than he is part - so stand by, we'll keep you posted if she does or says something goofy, silly, or funny worth mentioning.)


Rich's life experiences growing up as an Air Force brat, to attending college, to working in corporate America, and building and fostering business and personal relationships have instilled a sense of pride, respect, self-discipline, and rugged work ethic. Rich's wife Marsha, their goofy dog, and his family, are what keeps his moral compass calibrated to do the right thing - to treat people with dignity and respect and always go the extra mile to satisfy his customers.

Leadership, Support, Training, Development

Family and Character are the guiding principles which drive Rich to continuously develop the skills and talents of each of his Sweet Monkey photographers. Leading, supporting, training, and developing his staff to be upstanding members of our community is a top priority at Sweet Monkey photography. Afterall, we are meeting with you with your family and friends in person, in your home, and in your personal spaces. Therefore, we expect each Sweet Monkey photographer to conduct themselves with high levels of professionalism, with certain decorum, respect, and with a fully calibrated moral compass at all times. This is what separates us from the rest. We have policies and procedures in place to create the best customer experience possible.

Understanding YOUR Needs

Understanding our clients needs is at the core of what we do and is the reason every project starts with a Pre-Shoot Phone Call. This free 15-minute call allows us to better understand your personality, assess and understand your needs, identify the lighting conditions of the location of your shoot, and make recommendations to ensure we capture your essence on the day of your shoot. We want you to be your authentic self on the day of your shoot! 

Tropical Beach

Our Goal

From the very beginning Sweet Monkey Photography was founded to provide affordable, fun, professional photography services to you when and where you need them - at your location. Our goal is to capture Your Florida vacation and adventures and transform into memories that'll last a lifetime.


We are in the people business and that's why we refer to our clients as members of our "Sweet Monkey Family." Family is what it's all about!


Sure, we are in the photography business. But more importantly, we are in the people and relationship business. Let's face it. People don't buy from companies. They buy from people they trust. That's why the relationships we foster with our clients are so important to our business model. It's why we strive to treat you and your family with the dignity, honesty, kindness, and respect you deserve as we work together.  


It's our experience and professionalism that will make your experience working with us a positive one. Our Sweet Monkey Photographers have been trained to be good stewards of each relationship we build while working with you, your friends, and your family.


And if anyone ever has a negative experience with one of our Sweet Monkey Photographers we want to know about it immediately so we can take corrective action necessary to put your mind at ease. We are committed to improving every single day and that means we too must learn from each client experience we're honored to have.


Nobody is harder on us than we are.  At Sweet Monkey Photography we love to have fun and lighten situations. But that doesn't mean we take situations lightly. We are professional photographers and we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence. We're dedicated to always doing what's in the best interest of our clients. We know if we don't hold ourselves accountable - you will -  and that's not a good business model. So we hold ourselves accountable to you and to ourselves on many levels throughout the day in order to provide you and your family with a positive experience and quality photographs.