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Founding Monkey



Sweet Monkey Photography was founded by professional photographer Richard "Gup" Guptill who spent 15 years creating visually stunning imagery and video content for his global clients. To further polish his professional photography skills Rich went on to study digital photography through Cornell University.

Sweet Monkey Photography was formed to help you capture your Florida experiences with your family and friends.  Whether you are on vacation - or live in Southwest Florida year-round -Sweet Monkey Photography will deliver a fully insured professional photographer to your location to capture your treasured FL experiences and transform them into memories that'll last a lifetime.  Your friends, family, kids, and grandkids will thank you. Contact us today!



What's with the name?

People constantly ask us how we came up with the name Sweet Monkey Photography? Well, you can thank Rich's wife for that one. Since the day they met (16+ years ago) she's  been lovingly referring to Rich as guessed it..."Sweet Monkey". Tada! The name Sweet Monkey Photography practically wrote itself.


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