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a man and a monkey inside a grey circle with the words The Man Behind the Sweet Monkey written around it

Pure Primate Passion

Richard "Gup" Guptill, the guru of both instructional design and photography, brings you Sweet Monkey Photography. With 15 years of Fortune 500 design and visual wizardry, Rich and the Sweet Monkeys will create visually stunning imagery of your ape-tastic Florida adventures that will have you grinning like a goofy gorilla hopped up on grenadine! 

Sweet Monkey Love

Picture this: A love story that started 17+ years ago. From day one, Rich's wife Marsha playfully nicknamed him her one and only..."Sweet Monkey"! And voila, Sweet Monkey Photography was born! Our name isn't just a name; it's a testament to the love that inspired it. With every snap, we're capturing moments as special as our origin story. So, what's in a name? In our case, it's pure primate passion and monkey magic! Our founder's better half sparked the sweetest idea ever, and the rest is history. Now, as the proud owner of Sweet Monkey Photography, Rich wears the title of 'Original Sweet Monkey' with pride, thanks to his loving wife Marsha.

a picture of a man with his arms around his wife
Bike Race

Military Monkey?

Rich, our original Sweet Monkey is not just a pro behind the camera; he's also got some pretty wild roots. Growing up in a military family, his dad "The Colonel"  was the real 'wingman,' flying B-52s in the United States Air Force for a whopping 28 years! Rich, along with his sister Sharon and mom Louise, had a blast monkeying around on Air Force Bases worldwide. Those globetrotting, adventure-packed years shaped Rich's outgoing, fun-loving personality that we all adore today. And it's this personality that shines through the lens to capture your Florida adventures!

Marathon Monkeys

Rich and his wife Marsha are not just masters behind the lens but also fitness enthusiasts on the go! Their shared passion for health and fitness has brought them closer than ever. Competing together in Marathons, Duathlons, and with Marsha being a Triathlete, their bond is as strong as steel. Their love for life is infectious, and they live it to the max. If you're out and about on Sanibel Island, don't be surprised if you spot this dynamic duo cycling and running like monkeys in the tropical paradise they call their second home. Sanibel Island's beauty serves as the perfect backdrop for their training, as they continue to seize life's adventures with open arms!

We look forward to meeting you out on Sanibel Island for a day of photography magic- Sweet Monkey style!

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