Capturing Your Monkey Business is Our Business!

 Capturing Your Monkey Business is Our Business!

 Capturing Your Monkey Business is Our Business!

No hidden fees! No surprises! (1-Hour Session includes 4 retouched photos) $25 per additional retouched photo)

No hidden fees! No surprises! (1-Hour Session includes 4 retouched photos) $25 per additional retouched photo)


Stop Monkeying Around with Your Memories!

Hire a professional Sweet Monkey photographer today! We'll come to your location and capture your FL adventures and transform them into memories that'll last a lifetime. Your friends, family, kids, and grandkids will thank you! Sweet Monkey Photography makes it easy and FUN, because:

  • We come to your resort, hotel, beach, park, boat, RV, home, office, restaurant, bar, event or party...(practically anywhere). Yup! We've gone bananas!

  • We photograph people, pets, places and things! So don't forget about your favorite mementos - your cars, motorcycles, boats, instruments, jewelry and much much more.

  • There are no hidden fees or surprises! 

  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

Sweet Monkey Prices

Most people want to know three things when they visit a website:

  1. How much does it COST?

  2. Is it EASY to order?

  3. Can I order it FAST?

Yes! Yes! And a huge Sweet Monkey Yuuuup! Our rates, deposit, and contract requirements are spelled out for you on our site so you can quickly make an informed decision to work with us.  

Dollar Notes
Sweet Monkey Insurance

All of our Sweet Monkey photographers are fully insured because life happens. As professionals, we want you to know we are prepared for numerous unforeseen circumstances. Our Certificate of Insurance (COI) is available upon request.









Now only...

(Up to 1-hour photo session duration)


Photo Session Details:

  • We come to your location - to your resort, hotel, beach, home, office, boat, restaurant, bar, event, or party - practically anywhere! (within our service area)

  • We photograph people, pets, places, and things! So don't forget about your favorite mementos - your cars, motorcycles, boats, instruments, jewelry, and much more.

  • $200 for up to 1-hour session duration.

  • $95 for each additional session hour after the first hour.

  • $100 deposit and signed contract required before scheduling your photo session.

  • Photographer will deliver your final, retouched photographs via your email with a password-protected cloud storage link.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back! Yup! We really have gone bananas! 

To get started simply click any of the Contact Us buttons on our website. It's that EASY!

Capture Your Florida Adventures

Whether you are on vacation, or live in Southwest Florida year-round, allow us to capture the essence of your treasured Florida experiences and transform them into stunning photographic memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today and one of our professional Sweet Monkey photographers will meet you at your location to capture your amazing Florida adventures. Your kids, grandkids, family, and friends will thank you. Contact us today and let the memories begin!

Our Service Area

Sweet Monkey Photography proudly serves:

  • Cape Coral, FL

  • Pine Island, FL

  • Matlacha, FL

  • North Fort Myers, FL

  • Fort Myers, FL

  • Fort Myers Beach, FL

  • Sanibel Island, FL

  • Captiva Island, FL

Kim Ellsworth_Dante's 21st Bday 20220514-Smaller_5.png
Stop Missing the Action

Ask yourself, “How many pictures am I going to miss out on while enjoying my Florida adventures because I’m always taking them? Wouldn't it be nice to be in my pictures with my family and friends for a change?" The answer is, "Yes! Of course!"


Stop monkeying around with your cell phone and missing memories and contact a professional Sweet Monkey photographer today. We'll get you back into your pictures!

Kwame's Family on Sanibel-2_edited.jpg
Kim Ellsworth_Dante's 21st Bday 20220514-Smaller_3.png
Kim Ellsworth_Dante's 21st Bday 20220514-Smaller_6.png



"We are NOT sending an actual MONKEY to take pictures for you. Sorry. We are delivering a skilled, trained, personable, professional photographer who is in fact a HUMAN BEING to take pictures for you. Sorry for the colossal let down. We merely refer to our Sweet Monkey photographers as "Sweet Monkeys" and wanted to clarify this very important point. But listen, if you hear of any trained monkeys who happen to be amazing photographers please contact us ASAP! That would be Sweet!"

Our Mission

To  come to your location to provide fun, affordable, professional photography services to capture your Florida adventures and transform them into memories that'll last a lifetime.

The Founding Monkey

About Us

Okay, after you stop laughing you may be interested to know Sweet Monkey Photography was founded by Instructional Designer Richard "Gup" Guptill after 15 years creating visually stunning imagery and video content for his global learning and development clients. Wait. What? Huh? What does that mean? 

About Us.png
Kwame's Son Flying-1_edited.png
Kwame Flying-1_edited.png
Kwame's Daughter Flying_edited.png
Duke Flying-1_edited.png
Chris Flying-1_edited.png
Ask us how we can make your family fly high too.
Contact us today!
Professional Photographers are Master Manipulators

Professional photographers are masters at manipulating light. They use light to create the vast dynamic range between highlights and shadows which create strong contrasts to generate stunning photographs. Contact a professional Sweet Monkey photographer today to see how we can manipulate your light. 

Professional Equipment

Sure. Cell phones take pretty good pictures these days but they will never compare to the advanced optics and image processors of a professional camera body paired with a professional camera lens. Every Sweet Monkey photographer is equipped with professional equipment to complement their professional skill set.  What are you waiting for? Contact a professional photographer at Sweet Monkey Photography today!


15-Minute Micro Session


15-minute photo session duration

We understand not everyone wants or needs an hour-long photo session. Sometimes you just want to capture that image you see in your mind's eye. We get it! And now you have options. Introducing our 15-Minute Micro Photo Session. You can now get that professional shot you deserve at a price you can afford. Boom! Bam! Done! Bananas!

$50 deposit and signed contract required

Kwame _ Chris_No_Kids_BLUR_CROP_2_edited.jpg
The Dreaded Finger Photo

We've all experienced this disaster: 

You: "Excuse me kind stranger walking on the beach, could I bother you to take a picture of me and my family? It's the last day of our vacation."

Stranger: "Sure. No problem. Click! Click! Cick! Here's your phone. I took several shots for you."

You: "Thank you kind stranger."

You blowing a gasket when you see the pics: "What's this? C'mon! Really? Three blurry cell phone pics with our heads cut off? And what the heck is that? Is that a finger over the lens? Seriously? That was going to be a great picture too. Let's go! I need a drink!" 

This could have been avoided!


Stop getting flipped off by your photos and contact a professional Sweet Monkey photographer today. We'll never give you "the finger." We promise!

Pet Bragging Rights

Everyone has met that person who whips out their cell phone and over-shares crappy, blurry, cell phone pictures of their pet, right?  Sure it's cute....but...


How would you like to whip out your cell phone even faster to show off incredible shots of your fur baby from a professional pet photo shoot by Sweet Monkey Photography? It's almost an unfair fight. That's right! You win! The pet bragging rights belong to you! "Oh, he's a good boy!" Contact us today.

2021-02-08 17.47.26-2.jpg

Wow! This is exactly what I've been looking for! How do I hire a Sweet Monkey Photographer to come to my location? 

It's Simple!

All you have to do is click or tap any of the Contact Us buttons on our site, enter your contact information, and share some basic information about your photography needs. Viola! It's that simple! One of our Sweet Monkeys will contact at their earliest convenience.

Of course, you can also contact our office directly at 239-299-9799 and we will be happy to assist you.

Setting the Proper Expectation

We know you probably have question for us around our rates and deposit and contract requirements. Have no fear! We love setting the proper expectation with each of our new clients so you'll know exactly what to expect when working with us. Click or tap the How it Works button below and  we will walk you step-by-step through the seamless process of working with your own Sweet Monkey Photographer. 

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What's a Sweet Monkey?

About Our Name

People constantly ask us how we came up with the name Sweet Monkey Photography? Well, you can thank Rich's wife for that one. Since the day they met (16+ years ago) she's  been lovingly referring to Rich as guessed it..."Sweet Monkey"Tada! The name Sweet Monkey Photography practically wrote itself.

Timing is Everything

The Blue & Golden Hour

There's a one-hour window to capture perfect sunrise or sunset photos. The hour before the sun rises in the morning is known as the Blue Hour. Conversely, the one hour window before the sun sets in the evening is known as the Golden Hour. These are the perfect times to capture your amazing Florida sunrise or sunset shots due to the incredible lighting conditions provide by Mother Nature.

We've called Mother Nature several times to ask her to push these time slots out a little further to accommodate more clients but she's not returning our phone calls. So please help us help you by being ready for your sunrise or sunset shoot during these crucial time frames as the lighting conditions change rapidly. 


Click or Tap the Sun to look up your SUNSET or SUNRISE times for your location

Your Inner Pirate

Have a boat? Renting a boat? Let's hit the water and capture the gorgeous scenery of Southwest Florida. 


Experiencing our white sandy beaches, amazing shelling, dolphins, pelicans, manatees and beautiful coast line is a must. Bring along a Sweet Monkey photographer who can teach you how to channel your inner pirate and hit the open water to capture your favorite adventures. Contact us today. Arrrrrrrg!

Our Rates Are Bananas!

Contact Us Today

Everyone says we're crazy, but we are doing it anyway so HURRY! These prices won't last!



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Now only...


Includes up to 1-hour photo session duration

For a limited time...

$95 for each additional session hour

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back

$100 deposit and signed contract required before scheduling your photo session


What Else Do We Do?

Macro Photography 

In addition to capturing pictures of your family, friends, pets, and loved ones, don't forget about your favorite flowers, favorite cars, favorite instruments, favorite piece of jewelry, and other mementos. Why you ask? Because Sweet Monkey Photography has the passion, equipment and expertise to take extreme closeups of your favorite items (macro photography) transforming your everyday items into visually stunning pieces of art. Let us capture closeup shots of the unique curves, textures, colors and contrasts of your favorite mementos. Contact us today. There's a Sweet Monkey standing by to capture unique perspectives of your favorite things. 

Evertune Bridge
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Fender Stratocaster Body
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Ball Ends of Guitar Strings
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ESP Electric Guitar Knobs
press to zoom
Tuning Peg of an Electric Guitar
press to zoom
Volume Knobs, Tone Knobs and Bridge of a Fender Stratocaster
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Tuning Pegs of a Fender Stratocaster
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Fender Stratocaster Neck and Body
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Acoustic Guitar Tuning Knob
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We Can Capture it All

Use Your Imagination
















Our Clients Are Our Family

Join our Sweet Monkey family today!

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